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What Medical Technology exactly is

  • Brussels, 12 October 2011

    European medical technology industry launches 5-year strategy and commits to value-based innovation

    The European medical technology industry association Eucomed launched today at the MedTech Forum in Brussels its 5 year industry strategy report ‘Contract for a Healthy Future’ in which the association outlines the role industry must play in steering healthcare systems onto a sustainable path. The medical technology industry acknowledges that it needs to change and will embrace, deliver and demonstrate cost-efficiency and health outcome needs of payers and policymakers, which is the essence of value-based innovation. The industry commits to playing its part and providing medical technology innovations that ensure sustainable, accessible healthcare and healthy ageing. Eucomed appeals to other healthcare stakeholders to also reconsider their role as the industry cannot achieve a healthy future for Europe on its own.
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  • Brussels, 26 September 2011

    Electronic labelling of medical devices a boon for people’s safety, accuracy of instructions and environment

    Eucomed, the European Medical Technology Industry Association, welcomes the approval by the Regulatory Committee on Medical Devices of the draft Regulation on electronic instructions for use (IFUs) of medical devices. Electronic IFUs  (or e-labels) have the potential to not only improve patient safety and reduce the medical technology industry’s environmental impact, but also to ensure that the correct IFUs are available at the right time in the right place, while facilitating their storage.

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  • 19 July 2011

    View our reaction to the Financial Times article (Lex) on Medical Devices

    Lex on 18th July suggested that, perhaps for the first time, the medical technology industry has seen cyclical impacts to demand arising out of the economic crisis and speculates as to whether these will continue. In my experience such cyclical events have occurred in the past but have been, as now, substantially damped versus the broader economy.
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  • Lisbon, 20 June 2011

    Stakeholders join forces to increase safety in the blood transfusion chain

    EBA, the European Blood Alliance, Eucomed, the European medical technology industry association, the European Commission and Competent Authorities met on 18 June to discuss the harmonization of apheresis, collection technology for blood donors and patients, connectors and to promote Managed Convergence, an active collaboration between stakeholders.

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  • Brussels, 06 June 2011

    Member States stress importance of medical technology innovation to sustain healthcare systems

    Today the Council of the European Union emphasised the importance of medical technology, in particular innovation in medical technology, as a key driver in improving both health and the sustainability of European healthcare systems.  European Member States also reaffirmed their certainty in the current legal framework, citing not radical changes but rather focused attention to essential amendments to the current system that guarantee future innovation and safety in medical devices.
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